The Bicycle

The bicycle is one of man's best inventions. This site exists with the intention of getting you to know more about this excellent device. We shall discuss here some basic facts about the bicycle, the different parts of a bicycle and about some bicycle variants such as the tandem bicycle, the motorized/electric bicycle, mountain bikes, bicycle trailers and others. Also, lets have a look into how bicycle art has evolved and how vintage bicycle posters and prints have gained popularity.

A bicycle is something that everyone has seen or knows of. The bicycle, one could say, was the result of some of man's earliest efforts into making a device that was extremely energy efficient and the function of which did not depend on animals for the driving power required. A classic bicycle would basically consist of two wheels placed one behind the other and attached securely to a frame. Human power, utilized by pedaling a pair of pedals attached directly or indirectly to the wheels, thus setting them in motion, makes the bicycle move and hence, useful for transportation.

The above is the technically correct definition of a bicycle. However, a bicycle is a lot more than just that. They have evolved over the years into being more than just a means of transportation. The fact that the simple bicycle has survived major advancements in technology and is still widely used and loved, stands testimony to its various advantages. One major advantage of using the bicycle is that it does not harm the environment with harmful emissions unlike other motorized vehicles. Also, a long ride on a bicycle provides good exercise besides allowing the mind to relax, much like a long walk does.


Besides all these obvious advantages, the bicycle can never be abandoned owing to its sheer mechanical advantages inspite of its extreme simplicity. Did you know that upto 99% of the energy expended by a a cyclist in operating the pedals gets successfully transferred onto the wheels? This means that almost no energy is lost in the cycling process, which is not the case in even some of the most advanced vehicles of this day. It is also a fact that the simplicity of the bicycle allows modifications in design to be done easily even by newbie users. This ability of the bicycle to easily adapt and evolve according to changing demands has ensured that it still continues to be loved and accepted by people at large.